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BBQ chicken twice baked potatoes | Sweet potato ideas and recipes | Simple family meals @ginaekirk
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BBQ Chicken Twice Baked Potatoes

I grew up looking forward to meals at my grandma’s house. One of my favorites? Twice baked potatoes! It always seemed like a special occasion when she made them, and they were oh-so good. This past weekend I made up…

Egg & veggie breakfast pie | Make ahead breakfast ideas | Healthy high protein breakfast recipe | @ginaekirk
Be Healthy Home Recipes

Veggie & Egg Breakfast Pie

Breakfast is my jam. I love coming up with new, easy, delicious ways to start the day, because if I don’t have a good breakfast my day is not the same. I love anything that I can prep and…

Cheap and easy lemon chicken dinner | chicken picatta | lemon chicken | dairy free gluten free chicken recipe |
Be Healthy Home Recipes

Cheap + Easy Lemon Chicken Dinner

When life gives you lemons, make lemon chicken.  I’m the only one in the house that likes lemon chicken, but that didn’t stop me from making it for dinner tonight. Some days when I’m feeling overwhelmed by all things…

Birthday cake breakfast | birthday breakfast ideas | pancake birthday breakfast | breakfast birthday cake recipe | @ginaekirk
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Birthday Cake Breakfast

Woah baby, I’ve been a mom for a decade! I’ll be honest, I have seen people making a big deal about this and thought it was silly, I mean, why is it any more emotional than every other birthday? Well,…

Easy cinnamon roll twists | Canned cinnamon roll sticks | Cinnamon roll ideas | Easy breakfast ideas | Canned cinnamon roll breakfast breadsticks | @ginaekirk
Be Healthy Home Recipes

Easy Cinnamon Roll Twists

Cinnamon rolls are like the ultimate lazy weekend breakfast! My oldest guy is turning ten on Monday, and we had a couple of friends sleep over this weekend, so I snagged a can of Annie’s cinnamon rolls at Target during my…

The best buffalo cauliflower | Buffalo cauliflower recipe | Easy buffalo cauliflower | @ginaekirk
Be Healthy Home Recipes

The Best Buffalo Cauliflower

Here’s a fun fact: I loooove buffalo sauce, anything spicy really, but buffalo is a favorite. I really wanted to try making buffalo cauliflower because I also love cauliflower! I’ve seen (and drooled over) a ton of versions of…