This is your life to live on your own terms. I’ve compiled some of my favorite resources to share with you, in hopes they help you reach your happiest, healthiest, debt-free life! Some of these are free, others are paid products and programs, but they are all things I’m in love with!


My lunch boxes…

Bentgo Kids: I get asked this one ALL THE TIME. Go here to get one the same lunchbox that I use!


My favorite self development tools…

Leonie Dawson’s Amazing Biz & Life Program and Materials: Another amazing program. I love Leonie’s materials and will continue to buy her Amazing Life planner with each new year. There’s nothing like setting intentions.

Wayne Dyer Making The Shift Audio CD SetInspiration and motivation from my favorite author.

Wayne Dyer Excuses Be Gone Audio CD SetEven more from Wayne, if you want to change your life but don’t know where to start.. he’s your ticket!


My favorite health and fitness resources…

Erin Stutland’s Shrink Session Workout (FREE!): I had the pleasure of meeting Erin in fall of 2013, and her energy is contagious! Shrink Session workouts combine movement and mantras to bring something completely different to the table. Everyone needs to try these, and she offers a free virtual class! 


My favorite debt crushing tools…

Dani Johnson’s War on Debt Program: This program is what started me on the path to a debt free life. Although we aren’t there yet, we are closer than ever and continue to use her materials! You’ll absolutely make back the program fee the same day you listen to her CD or watch her DVD for the first time, I guarantee it! Her tips and information are priceless.

Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover This book was my second investment on my debt free path. Dave has some great ideas and I’ve used his tips and information alongside Dani Johnson’s to build a debt payoff plan that’s customized to ME! for FREE budgeting software: This software is fantastic for starting a budget or even just to see where you’re spending your money to evaluate where you are. I highly recommend it. for FREE couponsMy favorite coupon website, ever.


My favorite basics…

Groupon Basics Program: For the essentials. Paper towels, food products, laundry stuff. Love it because it’s simple, competitively priced, and EASY.

Amazon Trade in ProgramTrade in video games and electronics to earn money for other stuff, can it get much better than that?

Amazon Mom ProgramDiapers, wipes and baby supplies! I love how easy Amazon makes this!


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