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Hey pretty lady! I’m Gina – a mom of three, and wife (of one, ha!). I live with my husband, 3 boys, 3 dogs, little flock of chickens, on the south shore of Massachusetts, where the weather changes every four minutes 😉

I want to welcome you to my little blog and let you know that I feel like every decision I’ve ever made in my life has led me to where I am today. Right. Here. I’ve finally figured out how to love my body, how to stop stressing over food, how to set up and stick to a plan for financial freedom, and most importantly, to do what makes ME happy, and that’s exactly what I want to share with you!

Throughout life, most of us women feel as though we always need to “keep up with the Jones'”. 

I get it. I’ve been there. I’ve tried to BE Mrs. Jones.

Well, not anymore.

When is it time for us to start living our life on our own terms? When is it time for us to be in charge of what we really want to eat, wear, buy, drive…? The list goes on sister, and I want you to know the time is NOW!

You don’t have to do what every other wife and mom is doing. You have to do what lights your heart on fire and makes you want to do a happy dance! You’ll find my real life experiences, recipes, thoughts on motherhood and more right here on the blog. You’ll also get my exclusive emails, and free gifts when you subscribe here.  

If you haven’t visited here before, I suggest you start hereAnd if you want to connect right away, I’m always on Instagram! 

About Gina Kirk



Gina Kirk is the founder of Is She Really, a lifestyle blog dedicated to her pursuit of a simpler, healthier, more dedicated life. In a short time, Gina has tremendously grown her following. She has engaged her followers by posting weekly recipes, money saving tips and real life advice that influences & stimulates the minds of her readers. She partners with brands like The Pure Bar and Simply Straws to provide followers with product reviews & special giveaways.

Gina is a Mom of three, living on the South Shore of Massachusetts. Gina has had a full time career as a certified Orthodontic Technician since October 2002. In 2009 Gina defined a new role called New Patient Treatment Coordinator, a position created to encompass all of her strengths and knowledge about the Orthodontics business. Since then, she has most recently left her career of 11 years to work independently from home. She is now officially an entrepreneur pursuing her dream through social media work. 

Gina believes life is all about finding the right balance of happiness and chaos. She is an advocate for “living happy, healthy and debt free.” She believes health and happiness go hand in hand and wants to spread her message through writing and speaking to women of all ages. Her love for life has motivated the women all around her to adopt healthier, more active, habits.

Her message to you: “Take a step back from the chaos, and ENJOY your life. Spend quality time with your family, watch your kids grow, engage with them in activities, and appreciate the little things that are in your everyday life. You don’t have to have the best of everything, or the biggest paycheck to make the best memories.”


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