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Why You Should Splurge on Baby Items

Why you should splurge on baby items #isshereally @ginaekirk

Did you hear that baby #3 joined us back in December? These last six months have flown by, which is one reason I’m really looking forward to relaxing and enjoying these summer days with all the kids home. 

Since he was born, baby Vinnie has taken up approximately 100% of my time, which explains my not-so-regular blogging schedule these days. At first it really stressed me out, but now that I’ve settled in and accepted the fact that being a Mom is my #1 priority at the moment, all is calm in the Kirk household. 

Anyway, it’s taken three babies for me to realize a couple of things, and I thought I would share:

1. You don’t need all the baby things.

2. You should really splurge on a few of the baby things.

Usually it’s all about saving money in my house (and it still is), but when it’s time to start getting baby items, I have been known to have a tendency to go overboard. However, this time I was gifted quite a bit, and was lucky enough to have some awesome hand-me-downs from friends as well. Guess what? I didn’t need 80% of it. 

I’ve gotten rid of so. much. stuff. And there’s still more. 

You don’t need 47 baby blankets. But, you do need a few good quality ones.

You don’t need 12 different baby holders (seats, swings, bouncy chairs… you know what I mean). But, you do need one good quality one. (and a baby carrier or wrap, of course)

Quality > Quantity in the mom world, and it might’ve taken 3 kids for me to learn this. (Tweet it out to all your new mom friends!)

The ladies at A Gifted Baby Inc. were kind enough to send me some of their baby items last month, and I fell in love right away. I mean seriously, how cute is this bandana bib?

Why you should splurge on baby items #isshereally @ginaekirk

This baby blanket has quickly become my favorite, it’s warm enough for cool summer nights and walks in the stroller. It’s not too hot, and so super soft for my little guy!

Why you should splurge on baby items #isshereally @ginaekirk

The ladies sent me an adorable little package, that included an anchor rattle, blanket, burp cloth, bandana bib, and a little soap and lotion set (that smells amazing!) Here’s a close up…

Why you should splurge on baby items #isshereally @ginaekirk

The reason I’m sharing this is because these are things that I normally wouldn’t buy myself. I tend to look for the best price, always. However, Vinnie has been suffering from some food sensitivities and some eczema/skin issues, which led me to change out all of his blankets, bibs etc. to organic cottons and pure materials. Once I started paying attention to the quality of the items I was picking up (and the ones that A Gifted Baby sent) I realized that even though they were a little more pricey, I could get by with fewer of them, since they last so much longer. It’s definitely changed my perspective on what’s important when buying for and preparing for baby. So, whether you’ve got a little one (or one on the way), or maybe even an upcoming baby shower… I’d definitely encourage you to pay attention to quality here! You can take a peek at all the items A Gifted Baby has for sale, here. They’re always running new contests and giveaways as well. So be sure to like their Facebook page here.

Why you should splurge on baby items. #isshereally @ginaekirk

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    Amelia Gray
    June 24, 2015 at 6:22 pm

    Hi Gina,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts on the items from A Gifted Baby, Inc.! We’re so thrilled that you and Vinnie are enjoying them, and these pictures are TOO cute! You have totally captured our philosophy with your thoughts on quality over quantity. We hope Vinnie is feeling his best.

    Cheers & Best Wishes,

    A Gifted Baby, Inc.

    • Reply
      July 27, 2015 at 1:36 pm

      Thank you Amelia! We’ve been telling lots of other Moms about your shop – we really love everything you sent!

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