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Our Farmhouse Master Bedroom

Is there something about September and the change of season that makes you want to make space? I often joke with my friend Danny about September being the “new January” because the change of season feels like a great time for a fresh start. Regardless, giving our master bedroom a fresh new look is something I have wanted to do for.ev.er. We’ve lived in our home for 8 .5 years now and I hate to admit we haven’t touched it since the day we moved in. It’s been one of those rooms that I haven’t bothered with because nobody sees it, ya know?

About a month ago I mentioned to Mr. Kirk that I would really love to get rid of our current bed set and that my mom happened to find a headboard for only $20 that we could refinish. Some history on said bed set: picture the year 1990, oak and gold was the “in thing” multiply that by 5 million and that was our current situation. Again, not something I was die hard about because Mr. Kirk loved his giant 90’s oak headboard with hidden compartments, mirrors, lighting etc etc all built in, so it was a battle I chose not to pick. Back to a few weeks ago… When he said YES to my mention of getting rid of the oak beast, I think my chin may have hit the floor and I loaded that baby up onto Facebook marketplace in hopes of finding it a brand new home. Thankfully we managed to sell it for a whopping $300 within a week and I was off and running. 

This bedroom makeover was a serious budget-friendly event. We didn’t go out and shop for new furniture, we worked with what we had, employed my mom to do some refinishing and used the money from the sale of the old bed set to spend on paint and a new rug. 

Regrettably, I don’t have any before pictures for you but what I do have are some fun peeks at what it looks like now. Ready?!

Simple and modern farmhouse master bedroom decor and makeover by @ginaekirk at www.isshereally.com

Simple and modern farmhouse master bedroom decor and makeover by @ginaekirk at www.isshereally.com

As you can see I still have a bit of decorating to do but I’m really feeling the minimalism that is our new bedroom. Not pictured: an oak dresser under the mirror we refinished to white. Once I get the decor wrapped up I’ll be sure to come back and post an update!

A few notes…

  • The headboard we purchased second hand and refinished with Miss Lillian’s Irish Creme Chalk Paint (here is a similar paint you can get on Amazon)
  • We owned the night stand/end tables and refinished those with the same paint.
  • The only new bedding I purchased was the white pillow and the Lauren Conrad quilt I scored on clearance for $29 at Kohl’s. It doesn’t appear to be available online but here is a similar one on Amazon and another at Target
  • My mom MADE that dream catcher! So cool, right?!
  • The window above our bed was a second hand free find!
  • The magnolia wreath was originally from Kohl’s and another clearance score, I think I got it for about $20 and used Kohl’s cash I received when school shopping for the kids. Here’s a similiar one on Amazon.
  • The paint color is Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray (SW is my favorite paint if you’ve seen our kitchen reno here

If you have any other questions, leave them below and I’ll be happy to answer them. Stay tuned for an update, and don’t forget to pin this on Pinterest for referring back to later! 

Simple and modern farmhouse master bedroom decor and makeover by @ginaekirk at www.isshereally.com

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