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Back to School Organization + Free Printable Calendars!

I’m fairly certain I can’t be alone when saying September feels like the new January. 

Back to school means sports, conferences, open houses — and if you’re anything like me, it also means catching up on all the appointments you didn’t want to schedule over summer break. Every summer my calendar gets a makeover and I go back to using my printable wall calendar in addition to my planner book. I love using printable calendars because you can print as many as you need, and if you mess up – it’s no big deal. Since I was making calendars for myself I thought I would publish them here for you all to download and print too (totally free, of course!)

While I’m talking about calendars I want to show you this little organization station I created last year, because I think many of you will love it:

Back to school organization + free printable calendars | GinaKirk.com

I got this wall organizer on Amazon last year, and it is perfect for our family. It’s actually made by thirty-one, so if you have any local mamas who sell it, ask them about it! (I also found this one on Amazon, though I couldn’t find the one I purchased that is pictured – I did buy it last year so it could be out of stock.)

It’s not totally set up for the year yet, but I just wanted to snap a quick picture so you can see how it’s laid out. I love all the pockets, and the kids use the bottom ones for their homework. You can stick the printable calendars behind the plastic and use a dry erase marker to write on it, or simply use a clothespin to pin to the top and write with pen. 

I currently have it hung in my office, which also happens to be the first room you walk into when you come in the house. On the other side of the door I have a little shoe bench and some backpack hooks, along with the kids chore charts (from Target dollar spot!):

Back to school organization + free printable calendars | GinaKirk.com

Clearly there are no backpacks there, because the boys are at school right now! 

This entire space comes in super handy, and is exactly what we all need at the beginning of the school year. Okay, enough talk about my organization addiction, here are the links to download the calendars:

I am going to add 2017 calendars soon, but if you’re anything like me you are not quite ready to think that far ahead! 😉

Back to school organization + free printable calendars | GinaKirk.com

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